Research & Analysis

We help you keep your finger on the pulse of your partner community with field surveys, benchmarks  and custom research.

Effectively engaged solution providers extend the value of your company at
every level -- not just through incremental sales.  Properly engaged and supported, they act as a volunteer army to extend your brand value in the market.

With the growth of IT as a service models and the dependency on partner-led services,
 is a critical time for Channel leaders to think ahead to their strategic fit within their company's sales, marketing and services organizations.
We think partnering is so  inherently cross-functional and strategicto the long-term growth and health of the IT vendor community that it deserves a seat at the CXO table.
Let us help you elevate your partnering efforts to create that very set of results & stature.  



From strategy to program design and field models, we help you build the right plan to engage both today's and tomorrow's partners.

Our Philosophy
Speaking Engagements

Sharing industry trends and moderating panels can support your key partnering strategies. 

Beth Vanni

  President & CEO

Planning & Facilitation

We help you drive both internal and external support & consensus through expert facilitation services. 

 helping channels MAINTAIN a seat
‚Äčat the cxo table

How We Help