Chief Channel Officer's President and CEO, Beth Vanni, has over 30 years of experience in channel, bringing together a unique blend of skills and experience.  With a combination of IT vendor, distributor and research/consulting experience, her insights are not just headquarters-based and theoretical, but grounded in practical application, operational efficiency and field experience. 

Her full professional profile can be found here on LinkedIn. 

You can contact Beth at 
or at 760-451-8879 office. 

About Us . . .

Beth Vanni, President & CEO

helping channels get a seat at the cxo table.

We are business professionals with a passion for partnering.

We understand how challenging it can be to act as the advocate and enabler of
third-party businesses ...... getting them motivated and aligned with your business goals.  However, we also believe that the IT industry will continue to grow, mature and simplify as a direct result of the maturity and successful engagement model between vendors and solution providers.

That's why we think partnering should be given equal cross-functional voice and accountability at the senior leadership of every technology company with a route-to-market that has some dependency on partnering.

We have between 20-30 years of direct experience managing indirect channels in the IT business.  We understand what it's like to do your jobs and balance your priorities.  Let us help you elevate partnering to the strategic level in your business it deserves!