Next Generation Partnering Considerations

We have helped IT vendors of varying sizes and channel maturity levels with their most strategic partnering considerations.

Here are some examples of consulting work we've been engaged in over the last 15 + years, addressing both today's operational challenges as well as tomorrow's next-generation partnering considerations: 

  • Global partner segmentation model for a leading Unix hardware vendor;
  • New SMB partner program for a historically direct volume hardware vendor;
  • Partner recruitment and onboarding plans for a leading enterprise software company;
  • A global reseller program design for a historically direct security software company;
  • A global distributor coverage model and plan for a leading enterprise software company;
  • A global MDF program structure, recognizing opex and contra-revenue reporting compliance;
  • A professional services engagement model and program structure for a leading enterprise software company;
  • An entire field organization model and staffing plan for a leading security software company;
  • An influencer model and revenue tracking system for a leading middleware software company;

Consulting Services

Dramatic changes are occurring in the IT products and services channel. As this ecosystem is rapidly evolving in the wake of services-based delivery models, it's important to think ahead to a list of core considerations that will define the next 5-10 years of IT partnering. We can help you build a short and long-term strategic plan to address these fundamental partnering concerns.

Past or Current Consulting Clients: