Creating a clear, actionable plan and getting all appropriate groups and levels bought into that plan is a critical success factor for every partner management professional. That process can be made much more effective, organized and timely with the help of an outside facilitator.


Using time-tested investigative and consensus-building techniques, combined with strong pre-meeting preparation, we know how to get groups to levels of productivity. We use the time-testing facilitation methodology developed by Leadership Strategies, Inc.  

Partner Advisory Councils

Creating effective and ongoing listening systems to keep your finger on the pulse of your evolving partner community is more critical today than ever before.  We have expert facilitators who specialize in this work, and help channel leaders formulate their structure for these Councils, facilitate the meetings and manage the ongoing communication process with Council members. 

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Types of Facilitation

  • ​Strategic Planning meetings, for direction setting
  • Budget or Resource Planning meetings
  • Program redesign or assessment workshops
  • Global Distributor Advisory Boards
  • Group annual kick-off meetings (directional alignment) 

We have been engaged by these organizations to facilitate one or more of these types of sessions, as part of their internal working teams: